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The Antipodes Audio Oladra Music Server integrates Server, Player and Reclocker functions in a single and beautifully elegant chassis (learn more about Server/Player/Reclocker functions). The Oladra uses our latest power supply and computing platforms to deliver the best sound quality in our music server range.

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The power supply is a radical new innovation that removes all linear elements and uses three layers of switched mode regulation stages employing state-of-the-art active filter stages. This approach avoids the magnetic and electronic interference that comes with using power transformers, achieves lower noise and higher transient response than any linear power supply can achieve, and results in a much cleaner and accurate square wave output to your DAC. The cascaded regulation approach is used to optimise the power supply characteristics for each active element, and results in greater ease, flow and naturalness of the music.

The Oladra employs our new high-power V7H computing engine to run Server apps (such as, Squeeze Server, Roon Server, HQPlayer Server, Plex Server, etc). This is an entirely different board than the one used in the K50, dramatically improving Server app performance. Users can easily install their own SSD storage – 3 disks, up to 24TB. The Server computing engine has 64GB of RAM installed, offers an external Direct Stream link to play to the Ethernet input on a DAC, and has an ultra-high-speed proprietary link to stream to the Player engine.

The Oladra employs our new mid-power V7X computing engine to run Player apps (such as Squeeze (Squeezelite), Roon (Roon Ready), HQPlayer NAA, MPD, etc). This board is based on the Player board in the K50 but all chipsets are upgraded, together with a range of other circuit improvements. The Player computing engine has 8GB of RAM installed, offers a USB Audio output to play to the USB input on a DAC, and provides galvanically isolated transmission to the Reclocker engine.

The Oladra employs a FPGA managed, oven-controlled high-end clock, fed by a high-quality local power supply employing Graphene super-capacitor smoothing, and discrete line drivers for S/PDIF (RCA & BNC), I2S (RJ45 & HDMI), AES3 (3-pin XLR) outputs. This board is an upgraded version of the board used in the K50. Because this reclocker is superior to the reclocking in almost any DAC available at any price, the synchronous outputs (S/PDIF, AES3, I2S) of the Oladra provide you with the best sound quality.

A premium high-end product demands a premium chassis that is distinctive, and that will stand the test of time.

Antipodes Audio Oladra Music Server

The Oladra case design is in two parts: a bottom/back thick plate assembly holding all of the electronics; and a one-piece front/top/sides carved from a single solid block of special grade alloy to provide elegant lines with no visible screws. The result is an object of timeless beauty.

The electronic design took the Project Oladra approach to its ultimate, to deliver an even better sounding music server than the much-acclaimed K50. Most of the electronics are totally new, and the remainder is based on the K50 with significant design and parts upgrades. The Oladra is consistent with, and improves on the qualities of all other Antipodes music servers, delivering an organically real sound, that also excels in detail, imaging, decays, timbre and dynamics.

What you will experience, compared to the K50, is a larger, deeper, more open and enveloping soundstage, that brings you closer, and conveys much more of the scale and drama of the musical event. This is simply because the Oladra is more true to the music. The better your system, the more pronounced the increase in scale and drama will be, and that is what the Oladra is all about – a digital source for the very best sound systems. The K50 continues to be an absolute winner at its price-point, but the Oladra takes things to a distinctly new level.

The Oladra will launch in August 2022.

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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 37 × 44.5 × 8 cm

Black, Silver


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