About Us

HiFi Drop Limited is incorporated in New Zealand, to fill a gap in the high-end audio market. Very few high-end audio brands manage to get anywhere near worldwide distribution coverage, and even covering the whole of physically large countries like the USA is difficult. This leaves many audiophiles under-served.

HiFi Drop Limited was established to increase access for audiophiles to great audio brands, backed by excellent pre-sales and after sales service. The business model is designed so that customers and manufacturers can benefit and trust the process.

  • HiFi Drop makes the products available online to anyone with access to a browser and a credit card, in parts of the world where there is no in-country distributor
  • Manufacturers can check that their brand values and pricing policies are being maintained simply by checking the HiFi Drop website, and each manufacturer can set its own pricing, shipping and repairs policies rather than having to adopt common HiFi Drop rules
  • Customers can check whether HiFi Drop is an authorised distributor for the brand by checking the manufacturer’s website
  • Customers can trust making the payment because they pay the manufacturer direct, and HiFi Drop is paid by the manufacturer – at no time does HiFi Drop handle the purchase monies or the payee’s sensitive financial data
  • The manufacturer ships the product direct to the customer, so it knows that HiFi Drop is not selling to customers in territories where the manufacturer has an authorised in-country distributor
  • The manufacturer does not need to be involved with customer facing processes, which are not usually part of its core skills, because this is where HiFi Drop brings its focus and expertise
  • Each manufacturer can decide on what customer service functions will be carried out by HiFi Drop (certifying them for this), and which will be carried out by the manufacturer, or by another party (such as by a third-party repair centre)
  • HiFi Drop can focus its efforts on making sure its end-customers get all the pre-sales and after-sales support they deserve, and completing that function with excellence is the primary reason why manufacturers choose to engage HiFi Drop.