HiFi Drop Limited is incorporated in New Zealand, to fill a gap in the high-end audio market. Very few high-end audio brands manage to get anywhere near worldwide distribution coverage, and even covering the whole of physically large countries like the USA is difficult. This leaves many audiophiles under-served.


Established to increase access for audiophiles to great audio brands, backed by excellent pre-sales and after sales service. The business model is designed so that customers and manufacturers can benefit and trust the process.

For Customers

We makes products available online to anyone with access to a browser and a credit card, in parts of the world where there is no in-country distributor.

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For Businesses

Manufacturers have full control over their store with a user friendly frontend dashboard making it easy to have things your way.

Gain Control & Save

HiFi Drop takes less and does all the hard work allowing you the option to edit and update as you please. For everything you need to know...
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Legal & Privacy

HiFi Drop is a safe and secure place to shop online. We will only collect your information in line with relevant regulations and law.

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with our favourites


HiFi Drop works with top class brands, here's what they have to say about us.

HiFi Drop is our trusted and preferred distributor for all regions of the world where we do not have 'bricks & mortar' dealers.
Mark Jenkins
Antipodes Audio
As a new brand, HiFi Drop has provided us with a robust process to deliver our unique products and services to customers anywhere in the world.
Martin Bell
The HiFi Drop model works perfectly with the high level of product customisation we offer, because we can ship direct from the factory to the customer.
Andre Gil
AG Lifter


Please feel free to contact us for any reason.