AG Lifter Upgrade your Entire Audio System with One Purchase.

May 26, 2022 By AG Lifter Off

How can I upgrade my Audio System with one purchase? — Here’s what you need to know


Did you know?

Recent sales experience has revealed that Audiophiles would choose an electronic component purchase over an accessory purchase. In retrospect I have witnessed greater performance upgrades replacing cables, isolation racks and room placement. Why do we think an electronic purchase will lead to greater gains than an accessory purchase?

Turntable Isolation System

As an avid Audiophile I suffered from the same dilemma, I would purchase new audio components regularly chasing the almighty ‘last upgrade’. The last upgrade never happened and I would study combinations and the next upgrade. The funny thing is my system would regularly seem to require tweaking and audio component purchases would soon follow.


My recommendation is look at the fundamentals of your audio system. Begin with your choice of audio dealer, are you receiving good advice? Next is your combination of audio equipment – do the brands complement each other? Your audio dealer should be able to help and advise you with this. Another area to investigate is -room layout, we find that moving your rack to the side and keeping the area in between and at the rear of your speaker’s free, produces the best results. Accessories are another area to explore- there are gains in everything and at a lower price than replacing amplifiers etc.

Three Layer System

Let’s talk more about accessories and the title of this blog ‘how can I upgrade my whole audio system with one purchase’. Audio isolation should not be considered an accessory but it is! When you think about it, all your audio equipment resides on your rack, what if you could upgrade every component at the same time with one purchase? By utilising a well designed isolation rack, you can achieve this and experience a huge upgrade. This will also provide a foundation for measuring any future changes to your system. The AG Lifter range of racks are a purchase forever and require no maintenance after installation. The open architecture of the AG Lifter rack is designed to connect visually in your listening space providing an aesthetically pleasing statement piece