AG Lifter Turntable Isolation Feet

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Turntable Isolation

Turntable Isolation — Here’s what you need to know


Did you know?

Turntable isolation requires a different design than audio electronics.

“Why?” because turntables generate and are affected by low frequency harmonics, however mitigating high frequency harmonics will improve your sound quality.

Turntable motors, belts, drives, bearings all feed harmonics into the Plinth and the tone arm, the tone arm supports your very sensitive cartridge. This results in a noisy audio system.

Affordable turntables lack in resonance mitigation, thus the implementation of a well-designed turntable isolation system will reap rewards, raising the performance to a new level. Music lovers will be convinced they upgraded their turntable!

Turntable Isolation System

Made from a custom nitrile developed to remove resonances between 2-20 Hz. This Isolation System enhances the performance of your table by floating the turntable’s plint on the shelf. This three-layer isolating material is specifically designed to interlock, using conical raised surfaces at different heights, to support the plinth and to contact your shelf. A rubber bearing shaped centre section interlocks the upper and lower isolating sections. The Turntable Isolation System comes in a set of four feet

AG Lifter provides two solutions for turntable isolation, the first option is our European inspired three layer system, and this provides excellent low frequency dampening. Secondly, the AG Lifter Dulcet Isolation Feet with Nitrile balls, replacing the standard Stainless Steel balls is a recommended option. This system is very effective dampening a wider range of harmonic frequencies. The result is a quiet, open, detailed sound with greater bass definition.


AG Lifter Turntable Isolation system: Low frequencies of 5-20 Hz are the most harmful for turntable playback. Entry level turntables rarely incorporate audio isolation solutions within their design, which is understandable. Introducing an isolation system can improve the performance of these turntables considerably – reducing noise, increasing openness, detail and tightening up the bass. We have had success incorporating our AG Lifter Turntable Isolation system even on turntable models built by names such as Thorens, Linn, Project, Well Tempered, Pioneer and others. The AG Lifter Turntable Isolation system is a European-inspired design, which began as a solution for a laboratory facility located near a train track; they experienced vibration issues with their microscopes and test equipment. This solution is now more widely utilised in other industrial applications where silencing low frequency noise is required.

Three Layer System

AG Lifter Turntable Isolation Feet are moulded nitrile in a three-layer system:

  • The top layer has tiny conical peaks at slightly different heights, producing a surface with varying pressure points on contact with your TT plinth; the underside of this layer is moulded with radial recesses.
  • The centre layer is moulded with 13mm ball bearing shapes, which interlock in the top and bottom layer recesses.
  • The third and final layer is a repeat of the top layer and interlocks with the centre layer, with the opposite conical side being in contact with your audio shelf.

AG Lifter Turntable Isolation Feet provide a very simple and effective solution for turntable isolation!