Antipodes Audio S Series Music Servers

May 21, 2022 By AntipodesAudio Off

Antipodes S Series

Antipodes S30

World Price – USD3,500 (plus applicable duties & taxes)

The tiny S30 music server is our entry level music server, focused on musical expression. It employs our V6X computing engine to perform both Server and Player functions. This is the same platform as we use in the K50 to perform just the Player function. The S30 also has the same full range of playback apps installed as the K50 and Oladra.

The S30 has 8GB of RAM installed, users can easily install one SSD (up to 8TB) for music storage, and provides a USB Audio output to play to the USB input on a DAC. The S30 is powered by a standard external SMPS brick. A basic analog audio output is included, so that you can add a USB DAC later.

Using the S30 as both Server and Player means it does not have the computational power to be used with a large music library (more than 8TB), and it is not advisable to use demanding server functions like DSP.

The S30 provides outstanding ‘bag for the buck’ and also allows its owners an easy upgrade path to higher performance solutions, by adding other models in the S-Series (view below).

Antipodes S60

$2,200 plus tariffs & taxes

The first step to upgrading an S30 music server is to power it with a S60 power supply. The S60 power supply is based on the power supplies used in the K50 music server, and will take the S30 performance to a much higher level of sound quality, adding fine detail resolution and refinement to the infectious musicality of the S30.

Antipodes S40

$5,500 plus tariffs & taxes

The second step is to add an S40 music server to perform the Server app duties. The high-power S40 will easily run any Server app and manage large libraries. Removing the Server function from the S30 allows it to perform at a whole new level of musical insight, resolution and dynamics. You can use a single S60 to power both an S40 and an S30.

Antipodes S20

$2,700 plus tariffs & taxes

The third step is to add an S20, which provides high quality femto-second clock signal regeneration with S/PDIF (RCA & BNC), AES3 (3-pin XLR) and I2S (HDMI) outputs. To do this you need to add a second S60. One S60 should be dedicated to the S40, and the second S60 should run both the S30 and S20.